Tree Management

As tree managers we take pride in looking after your green assets. At Advanced Grounds Management we use a range of techniques to look after your green assets. Our Arborists are skilled in rope access climbing and EWP (Elevated Work Platform) access techniques. Our knowledge as tree specialist we offer;

  • Pruning and thinning
  • Shaping
  • Light access tree pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Deadwood removal
  • Whole tree removal
  • Clear felling
  • Land Clearing
  • Tree Planting, replacement and revegetation

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Tree Pruning

Your trees are your living assets adding value to your property when they are maintained properly. The skilled team at Advanced Grounds Management know and understand the value of your trees and the investment you have in them. We provided you with Qualified Arborists to assess and carry out all of your tree pruning needs to ensure that your trees are getting the best possible results for years to come.


Our qualified team will guide you through the pruning process and will assess your tree in accordance with Australian Pruning Standards (AS-4373 – 2007).

Our qualified arborists aim to improve the health and structure of your tree. A 5 point assessment is carried out on each of the trees we are working on and we look for;

  • Dead and dying branches
  • Crossing or rubbing branches
  • Foliage density
  • Pest and disease and
  • Branches that are near buildings and structures.

Tree Removal

Urban tree management requires our Consulting Arborists to recommend that your tree is removed for a number of reasons.

We may suggest removal of your tree because its;

  • Dead or dying
  • Storm damage – where there is significant damage to the trees structure
  • Root damage
  • Where a tree is to close to a structure

Our team of qualified arborists are trained in the safe removal of trees at your property and can assist with various methods of removal to suite your property. We have;

  • Climbing arborist that ascend your tree to carefully dismantle your tree.
  • Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) are used when your tree is no longer safe for a climber to work in
  • Clear Cut Felling when there is enough space we can fell the tree from ground level

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