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After having Brodie at my house triming and maintaining my hedges over the last 12 mths I have found him to be professional and full of information. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Brodie.


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Keep your trees thriving with our full range of care and maintenance services.

We provide professional and cost effective tree management services in Picton, Camden and Southern Highlands with our highly qualified and experienced teams of professionals.

What We Offer

Tree Pruning

The first step towards successful tree management is to develop a quality pruning program for your trees, as pruning is essential for their health.

We comply with Australian Pruning Standards (AS-4373 – 2007) and carry out a 5 point assessment of each tree.

Our team of qualified arborists then develop a pruning program that suits your trees needs so that they have longer, healthier lifespans.

With our tailor made pruning programs we improve the aesthetic of your trees and make their surrounding areas safer.We offer:

Crown Lifting- We remove the lower branches of the tree to allow for easier vehicle and pedestrian movement.

Dead Wood Removal- Our team cuts off dead branches that can potentially fall and cause damage to people and cars.

Crown Thinning- Where tree foliage is dense, we do selective reduction of tree canopy and allow more light and air in your garden.

Pollarding- In areas where the presence of power lines, fences or other trees requires the tree growth to be restricted, our pollard tree pruning technique can assist. We effectively keep the tree size and shape in control, so that it doesn’t come in contact with other structures.

Tree Removal

If you have a dead, damaged or dangerous tree that cannot be salvaged, we can skilfully remove it for you. Our tree management services include the safe removal of trees.

We offer different tree removal methods to suit the varied requirements of landowners and their properties.

Clear Felling- We use this traditional method when there is ample space for trees to fall down without damaging a nearby structure. Our procedure is backed by trained arborists who know how and where to cut the tree trunk to get maximum control of the drop.

Climbing - Trees that are surrounded by buildings cannot be removed by felling. We have an alternative solution where our team uses specialist tree gear to climb and sectionally dismantle trees.The small chopped off branches are then lowered in a controlled and secure manner.

Elevated Work Platforms (EWP)- We can remove trees that are structurally unsafe to climb by using an EWP. Our skilled workers are lifted up and moved around by the platform,to clear the tree section by section.

Stump Grinding

Our work doesn’t stop with tree removal. We ensure that the unsightly stump left behind is quickly and carefully grinded below the surface so that it doesn’t invite ant infestation or regrowth.

Tree Planting, Replacement Or Revegetation

If you want to plant a new tree, our qualified arborists are the perfect choice for the task. From picking the most suitable tree to correctly planting and pruning it, we will be with you every step of the process.


Carrying out tree management work produces tree waste, which we effectively take care of. Our wood chipper quickly and efficiently recycles the bark and tree segments into mulch that will help your garden’s growth. We can either leave it on your property for future use, or transport somewhere else.

Land Clearing

We clear sites and remove trees to make way for any development you wish to undertake.We also help with obtaining council approvals and permits.
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Tree management is essential for your tree’s life, health, and appearance. Our team of experts know exactly how, when and what to do.

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10 Years Experience Making Outdoor Spaces Beautiful

We are qualified in both horticulture and arboriculture, which gives our clients the assurance they need to know that their property is being looked after by professionals. 

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