Consulting and landscape management: There are many reasons you may need to engage a Consultant for your property so at Advanced Grounds Management we have trained staff that can assist and guide you in the right direction no matter what your consulting needs may be.

We have consultants for;

  • Arboriculture (Tree Management)
  • Landscape
  • Weed Control
  • On Farm Animal Husbandry and Pastures
  • General Horticulture


More commonly as we develop our land we need to take into consideration the impact we have on our environment and the results urban development will have on the tree assets. Our Consulting Arborists are trained to assess and report on your trees;

  • Health – including the overall health of the tree, the infestation of insects, pathogens and fungal disease.
  • Structure – looking for signs of damage from a range of sources including; mechanical damage, pests and disease damage and damage from natural sources such as wind and lightning.
  • Suitability for the trees location – our Consultants look at the whole property and take into consideration the impacts that either the retention or removal of the tree will have on the property.

Our Consulting Arborists can also provide technical expert advice for;

  • DA (Development Application) Reporting – We can provide pre and post DA reports for council submission
  • Design and implementation of Asset Protection Zones (APZ) or Tree Protection Zones (TPZ).
  • Tree reports of council for the removal or pruning of trees on private property
  • Tree Assessment Data Collection for council and public lands
  • Root Mapping – Our Air Spade can efficiently give our customers a clear view of what is happening in the trees root zone. We can also diagnose tree root health issues.

Weed Control

In Australia, we have a wide variety of annual, perennial and woody weed species. It is, therefore, important to correctly identify and put in place the correct management plans.

As part of our weed identification and management process, our consultants will arrange a site visit to establish what weed species are on the property and from there, design a management plan that will be effective for your property.

When we come to your property we will be looking at;

  • Classifying and identifying the weed species
  • Soil Type, Texture, and pH
  • Density of the weed population
  • Time of year and when the plant will produce seed
  • The surrounding area looking for; turf grass, rivers, ponds, wildlife corridors etc.

Our weed control consultants have three core weed control strategies that they may choose to implement as either a stand-alone strategy or in combination. Our three core weed control strategies are either;

  • Chemical Based –
  • Organic –
  • Integrated pest management –


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