At Advanced Grounds Management, we look after your commercial properties landscape needs. You are great at what you do so why spend time doing what we do best. Our scheduled landscape management plans allow you and your employees to get back to work and become more productive.

We offer our commercial clients a comprehensive range of services to make sure your property is always looking its best. We service the following areas;

  • Industrial Complexes
  • Strata
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement Villages
  • Petrol Stations and Fuel Depot


At Advanced Grounds Management, we can easily customise a management package to your residential and commercial Strata properties.

Our approach to strata management is to make the management of your property as easy as possible. For strata management companies we run monthly accounts to male billing easy as well as our monthly property report so that you know what is happening in the landscapes of the properties that you manage.

Regardless of the type of property we are working on be it commercial or residential we recognise that there is a need to not only maintain but increase the value of your property. Our maintenance plans ensure that your property is managed to look its best but also allows for pre-planned replacement schedules to ensure that green assets are always looking their best.

Our most common serve requests are;

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Weed Management
  • Fertiliser Management
  • Hedge trimming
  • Shrub trimming
  • Tree Management
  • Top Dressing

Industrial Complex

Landscape management is not always top of mind at industrial sites however it can make the difference between being a profitable and productive place to work or not. Green space in industrial space provides a space that people want to and enjoy working in and also becomes more attractive to customers.

At Advanced Grounds Management we know your green space is not top of mind, this is why its at the top of mind for us. We can provide a custom solution to your green space needs and also manage your hard surface assets. Some of our more common hardstand regular maintenacne tasks include;

  • Weed Management
  • Removal of leaf litter
  • Rubbish Picking

Real Estate

Our property management team is well suited to work with real estate clients in many different ways. We cater for rental properties, pre-sale and post-sale maintenance.

Rental – Your clients biggest assets and investments are their rental property and knowing this we have management plans to suit each property from a quick Mow-and-Go to a full-service property management package we can look after your client’s assets. Whatever package a client goes with they can be assured that the landscaping at their investment property is being professionally taken care of.

Pre-Sale – When it comes time to sell a property presentation is key. but often the landscape is the last thing on a sellers mind, however it’s the first impression a buyer gets as they get out of the car. We know that a well-maintained landscape can put a positive impression into a buyers mind and can often lead to clients getting a better offer.

Our pre-sales maintenace packages allow us to get a clients property ready for photo shoots and then continued maintenance before showings scheduled showings. Our aim is to have the property looking its best to give that great first impression and gain the best sales results for your clients.

Post-Sale – After offers are accepted and the sales process begins the sellers attention moves to their big move and the maintenance is put asside. To take the stress for the seller and give the new buyer the property that they saw at the time they purchased we offer a maintenance service to just keep everything looking neat and tidy and give both the seller a stress free move out and the buyer a well maintained place to move into.

Our packages often include;

  • Lawn Maintenace
  • Hedging
  • Shrub trimming
  • Replacement plantings

We also offer tree mamangement and tree reporting to both rental and sales listed properties.

Petrol Stations and Fuel Depot

As a fuel supplier safety and compliance are the prime objectives. When it comes to servicing a fuel supply outlet we also take site safety and compliance seriously. We have staff trained under the Work Place Clearance Training Program (WPCG). This training allows us to work on your property in the safest way and ensure that we are working to your safety management practices. Our WPCG trained staff will deliver you with a maintained landscape and forecourt to assist you in running a presentable and compliant fuel service outlet.

Some of our common maintenance request for fuel service outlets are;

  • Lawn mowing and edge trimming
  • Removal of leaf and plant litter
  • Rubbish Picking
  • Weed spraying on forecourt areas

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