Landscape Maintenance & Management


You invest thousands into owning a property and it makes sense that you would want it looking its best or better than when you bought it.

At Advanced Grounds Management we treat your property as if was our own giving you the highest level of care to make sure your property is looking its best.

We take some of the hassle out of owing a home by providing scheduled maintenance giving you the freedom to enjoy it. We offer a broad range of services to make owning a home less stressful;

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Edging
  • Fertilising
  • Lawn weeding
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Trimming of bushes
  • Hedging


Landscape management takes the maintenance of your landscape to the next level. When our team of landscape experts undertake the management of your property we look deeper into your landscape property needs for the best results possible.

When we look at your property we look at

  • Soil Condition
  • Lawn cover and density
  • Weed Infestations
  • Pest and Disease Identification
  • Tree and Shrub form and structure

Our management programs are customised to your unique property needs. We design management plans to give you the best results for your property year after year.

About Us

We are committed to meeting the ever changing requirements of our clients, by keeping up to date with innovations in gardening technology.
We strongly believe that we are helping to improve the environment for everyone’s future.

Why Choose Us ?

- High Quality and Creative Design
- Garden Survey
- Complete Garden Service
- Competitive Prices
- Efficient and Reliable
- Excellent Customer Service
- Over 15 Years Experience

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