Air Spade

Trees are some of the biggest assets on your property and it makes sense to have a clear understanding of whats happening with your trees. Your trees when healthy and growing add more value to your properties landscape.

At Advanced Grounds Management we have qualified Consulting Arborist to expertly look after all of your tree needs. Our Arborists have access to some of the most up to date technology to accurately assess your trees. Our Diagnostic and treatment methods, procedures and tools make sure that we are giving you the best results for your trees needs.

Air Spade


The Air Spade is part of the new technology being used to investigate and diagnose tree root issues and to locate underground services.

Our consultants use the Air Spade in many different situations when managing tree root issues. The technology can be used in;

  • Tree root surveys/ Root Mapping
  • Assessing damage to tree roots and from
  • Soil Aeration ( Radial Trenching and vertical mulching)
  • Underground Service location
  • Disease identification
  • Installation of root barriers

The Air spade is a non-distructive digging tool that allows for quick and efficent digging around tree roots and services without damage. The Air spade uses a large compressor to generate large volumes of air at high pressure. The tool fractures the soil and leaves roots mon pourous materials intacked.

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