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A Safe And Non-Invasive Solution

With conventional methods of digging, getting to the cause of your tree root issues can be damaging or ineffective. There is a higher chance of healthy roots getting damaged during the process of excavation. 

Today, using the revolutionary Air Spade excavation technology, our professional arborists can safely remove the soil around your tree roots, without causing any damage to the roots, your underground cables or utility lines. This method is not only safe but also less time-consuming and much more accurate than hand or machine excavation.

Air Spade Root Inspection For Tree Roots

Air Spade technology is a relatively new addition in the arboricultural industry. It is an air gun that uses compressed air to loosen the soil around the tree roots while keeping the roots intact and safe against damage and decay. 

It is one of the most effective ways of diagnosing existing problems with your tree roots, so we have equipped our arborists with the latest air spading equipment, and all the skills and knowledge to address the tree health issues below ground level.

How We Help

Root Collar Excavation Services

A root collar is the base part of the tree trunk, right above its roots. Keeping the root collar free from mulch or dirt and exposed to air is vital to a tree’s health. Buried root collars are among the most common reasons behind a tree’s deteriorating health as such trees become a soft target for pathogens and insects. They cause the tree roots to weaken and ultimately, the tree dies. 

Girdling roots can also be detrimental to your tree’s health. They wrap tightly around the base of the trunk and choke the movement of water and other nutrients. Such trees undergo a gradual decay which leads to their premature death.

Our experienced arborists can help maintain the health of your trees. We perform tree root collar excavation to level the soil around your trees and remove girdling roots. For this purpose,

Using our cutting-edge Air Spade excavation technology, we carefully remove the soil around the base of the tree

Next, we prune away the girdling roots

Once the excavation work is complete, we can schedule a soil depth maintenance plan or our landscaping professionals can help incorporate the trench with your current landscape design

Service Installation

Air Spade Excavation is a safe alternative to hand digging or machine trenching for installation or inspection of utility lines. These traditional methods of trenching in the critical root zones can cause extensive harm to the tree roots. 

As part of our air spade services, we can effectively dig trenches near the trees for service installation, without damaging even the finest tree roots. Once the trenching is complete, your service installer can safely run the utility lines across the roots.

Air Tilling To Reduce Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is a very common problem for urban trees. Construction, vehicular movement and even regular walking can cause soil compaction which destroys the soil’s natural structure. As a result, the tree is deprived of moisture and oxygen needed for its healthy growth. 

With an air spade, we can till the soil to bring back the soil structure around the tree root zone. As compared to the traditional tiller, an air spade doesn’t harm the tree roots while excavating.

We plough the top layer of the soil to expose feeder roots.

Once the air spade cuts through the soil, we can add compost to the soil to provide the tree with essential nutrients.

Lastly, we cover the tilled soil with mulch to prevent recompaction of the soil and to further enhance the soil condition around the roots.

Root Protection

Structural changes to a property such as construction or additions can dramatically impact the nearby trees. For instance, when a major tree root is destroyed during construction work, the tree can lose its stability. As a result, it can turn into a potential safety hazard. 

If you are about to start construction work on your property, get in touch with our certified arborists. Using the Air Spade, we will expose and examine the tree flare. This gives us a fair idea if the construction work is safe for the tree or if the tree should be safely transplanted to a more suitable location.

Your Trusted Root Excavation Specialists

Our air spading services can help in identifying and addressing an extensive range of tree root problems. Whether you want to expose the buried root collars of your trees, prune the girdling roots to maintain your tree’s health, get the roots assessed for potential damage or decay, or locate service lines within the root system of the trees; just give us a shot. Our qualified arborists will happily guide you about the air spading costs and the time required to get the job done.

The areas that we service include Picton, the Southern Highlands and Campbelltown. 

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